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Turning hobbies into careers; I'm living my wildest dream!

I began making videos when I was little. In the early 2010's, an app called 'Video Star' became popular and I would spend a lot of my time making music videos with my friends! I even had a twitter page called 'Lucy's Videos'. In high school, you would catch me taking videos of absolutely everything I could. I often would get asked, "why do you video everything" and the simplest answer is that I love it! I enjoy holding onto memories and making them last forever.

Once I stepped into college out in Los Angeles, my love for videography turned into a passion. I quickly fell right into my element and noticed all the different ways  people would make use out of videos. My immediate thought was, "Nebraska needs THIS" and I made it my mission to bring everything I'd learn back to the midwest with me. During the pandemic as a dance major, all of my assignments were through video and this introduced me to learning the technicalities of video and putting my skills to the test. Once I felt I was ready, I asked my professors what camera I should save up for and the rest is history.


"Her professionalism and attention to detail made our big day a breeze"


Tell me your vision and allow me to do the rest as you take in all the moments you need to on your big day without the stress of wanting to save those moments for later!


Build your portfolio and showcase who you are as a dancer with content you can share with others. Who knows? This opportunity may lead to others. I also shoot class videos for BElevé Dance Company in Lincoln, Nebraska.


Have another idea in mind? Fill out an inquiry and let me know what kind of visual fun you're thinking of!


"Lucy absolutely knocked it out of the park"



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